Seiko passion; a short interview with a vintage Seiko collector from Denmark.

R. Christensen

In short; can you remember when your passion for mechanical wrist watches started?
It was probably in fifth grade when a classmate told me about his dad's watch. He claimed the watch could keep running just by wearing it. I did not really believe him at that time, but it got my attention. Back then my dad had a mechanical watch with a manual movement but the digital watches with quartz movements was more popular at the time. I later found that a lot of the quality brand watches had mechanical self-winding movements. I was hooked.
What tricked your interest for vintage Seiko?
In my teens the only thing I really wanted was an automatic mechanical watch; and finally for my 18th birthday I got a kinetic Seiko 5M42-0h20 silver dial. I did not feel that it was the real thing for me but it opened my eyes to Seiko and also its self-winding watches.
The picture shows Seiko 6139-6010. The cal. 6139, was the world’s first automatic chronograph watch equipped with both vertical clutch and column wheel.
What is it about the Seiko brand you find interesting?
I am wildly impressed with the reliability and the way Seiko could produce high quality watches for relatively little money. I have vintage Seiko’s from the early seventies that still has more than 24 hours of power-reserve and I'm pretty sure they've never been serviced. The functionality of the tool watches, especially the chronographs, talks to me. And many of the watches has day and date movements witch is a practical function. But mainly it is the mix of original and odd designs, and history of the brand that interests me. 
You have picked out some watches from your collection. Why these specific watches?
I brought some “celebrities” and some lesser known ones. I think they compliment each other well, with diversity and similarities.


Can you tell us a little bit about some of the watches you have picked out? 
There is the iconic Panda 6138-8020 with the somewhat complicated cal. 6138 on the right. Many of the more popular and well known vintage Seiko watches, such as the “Bullhead” and the “Jumbo”, has the same cal. 6138-3000. The three in the middle is very different from each other, but with the same cal. 6139, witch I believe many knows from “The Pogue” 6139-6002. The last one on the left is a darling of mine. The 6119-5440 did not cost a lot but I think it is fantastic in its design, and the movement just keeps running for more then 24 hours after left in the box.



What is the next Seiko you will buy? 

I dream of the original "Captain Willard”, the Seiko 6105-8110. I was a soldier for many years and was inspired by the legendary movie; Apocalypse Now. In the movie Martin Sheen, playing the role of Capt. Willard, wore that watch. I have been looking for one for many years. But the watch must be 100% original, and many of the 6105-8110 have been ruined over time by armature watchmakers. Because of that it might very well be the re-edition SLA033J1, which I think it is incredibly true to the original, I will buy. I think Seiko really hit a home run with the SLA-series and especially the 033J1. 


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